Emmi fondue Suisse original 400g




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An original Swiss recipe since 1958. Swiss cheese fondue, min. 40% fat in dry matter, pasteurised


Swiss Cheese 52% (Cow's Milk, Bacterial Cultures, Rennet, Salt), White Wine, Water, Potato Starch, Kirsch Brandy, Cooking Salt, Emulsifying Salt (E339), Spices

Preparation & Storage


  • Preparation of ready made fondueEmmi fondue is simple to prepare and is always a success!Prepare the bread cubes.Cut open the bag.Pour the contents of the bag into an enamelled cast iron pan or caquelon.Constantly stir and bring to boil on a stove.To serve, place the caquelon on the fondue burner so that the cheese continues to cook evenly.Stick bread cubes or other side dishes (see tips) on a fork and dip into the fondue. Stir evenly so that the fondue stays thick and smooth to the end.Enjoy your fondue with family and friends!Tips and tricksTo drink, a hot tea or dry white wine is recommended.Season the fondue according to taste with pepper, nutmeg and paprika.Especially nice side dishesMushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cooked potatoes and various vegetables cooked"al dente", such as broccoli, carrots or cauliflower.Recipe ideasA Hint of AsiaMix in 2 teaspoons of curry powder and some lemon juice. Serve with pineapple and pears.Italian SeductionAdd one tablespoon of tomato paste with a little tomato juice. Season to taste with basil.Caquelon cleaning made easyLet the caquelon soak in cold water or in a hot 20% cooking salt solution for 45 minutes.


Best kept cool and dry