BacoFoil non-stick foil 10m each


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Product Summary

Strength you can trust. BacoFoil®Non-Stick - Strength you can trust in sticky food situations. Line - grill pans with BacoFoil®Non-Stick, food slides off without sticking. Prevents the need for cleanup. Cook - cover food to help keep it moist and prevent splatters and over-browning. Freeze - provides greater protection against freezer burn. No need to prise frozen foods apart. Other innovative products from Baco®for the discerning cook... Baco®EaycCut Refillable Cling Film Dispenser. Baco®EasyCut Dispenser Cling Film Refill Roll. Please visit for more information and recipe ideas.

Usage Instructions

  • To use: place BacoFoil®with Non-Stick (dull side) facing food.Ideal for: Healthy cooking-no need to grease or spray with oil with BacoFoil®Non-Stick.General Information:To avoid the spread of bacteria, never re-use BacoFoil®. Allow cooked food to cool completely before wrapping it to store in a fridge or freezer. Storing food in metal containers covered with BacoFoil®is not advisable.Caution: Sharp cutting edgeWarnings:Do not allow BacoFoil®to come in direct contact with a naked flame or electrical heating elements. Always consult the manufacturer's handbook before using BacoFoil®in a microwave oven.

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Box Blank Yes
Foil Blank Yes
Tube Blank Yes