Pledge dusting cloths citrus 20s


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Product Summary

Great for removing dust and the allergens in it from pet dander. Dual usage: furniture and floor. Hi-tec fibres grab and lock dirt, dust and the allergens in it. Pledge Dusting Cloths thick quilted fibres attract and trap dust, dirt and hair. Pledge Dusting Cloths use an electrostatic charge and a web of specially designed thick quilted fibres to attract and trap dust, dirt and hair instead of stirring them up into the air. SC Johnson. A family company since 1886. Fisk Johnson

Usage Instructions

  • When finished just throw the dirty cloth away.Usage Instructions:Use cloths alone as a duster or with a sweeper to clean large surface areas like floors, ceilings and walls.The cloths can be used on both sides.Do not use with any other cleaning product or water.Do not use on wet or rough surfaces or fabrics.Do not dispose in toilet.The cloths leave no residue.