Oatly dairy-free organic oat drink 1litre


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Product Summary

Organic. Low in fat. Unsweetened. Dairy free. Naturally low in saturated fat. Contains healthy oat fibre - good for your heart. Free from milk protein, lactose and soya. No artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not surprisingly, we love oats! We love the fact that oats have been around for a long time helping people to eat well naturally. Oats are full of fibre and give our body what it needs in just the right balance. Oats contain soluble oat fibre which is proven to be good for your heart when eaten regularly. Oatly is made from pure oats straight from the field ... ( no cows involved !). Delight in the great taste of Oaty oat drink every time you cook, bake, have a bowl of cereal or reach for a refreshing drink. Our Secret. Oatly's products are manufactured using a unique patented process, the result of a research partnership with Lund University in Sweden. Oatly is theonly oat drink of its kind in the world which retains the soluble fibre called beta-glucan which is found naturally in oats. Regular consumption of beta-glucan as a part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, contributes to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentrations. Recipes and information: www.oatly.co.uk, info@oatly.co.uk


Oat Base (Water, Organic Oats 10%), Sea Salt

Preparation & Storage


  • Shake before serving ... every time!


Opened package stays fresh for 4-6 days in refrigerator.


Component Material Recyclable
Carton Blank Yes