Moo Milk organic semi-skimmed UHT milk 1litre


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Product Summary

Organic. British milk. Organic semi skimmed milk, standardised, homogenised and UHT pasteurised. Moo Makes It Easy To Be Good. From British Farmers we know&trust. Our cows roam on pastures that are not treated with pesticides or artificial fertilisers, so Moo is full of natural goodness, just like fresh organic milk. Moo Organic has all the taste and goodness of organic fresh milk but lasts longer, which means you will never run out of organic milk again. Most milk is heated to a high temperature to pasteurise it. To make Moo long life, we heat it to a higher temperature than usual for a much shorter time. Mootrition. Pure milk - nothing added or taken away. A 200ml glass of moo milk gives you: 32% RDA calcium for strong bones and teeth. 82% RDA vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cells. As part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Milk is full of natural goodness and is a great source of calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. Find out more at

Preparation & Storage


  • Ideal for drinking, in tea&coffee, with cereal, for cooking


Keep this carton in your cupboard until ready to use. Refrigerate once open and then treat just like fresh milk. Use within three days.


Component Material Recyclable
Carton Blank Yes