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Product Summary

Fillable handle. Always ready to use. For thorough in-between cleaning, as well as use on large surfaces. Spray container inside! Use with Ultramax pad. Microfibre. Spray mop. Also available 750ml 1,2 Spray liquid cleaner.

Usage Instructions

  • Instructions for Cleaning with the SprayFill the handle until the max level. Close the cap tightly.Squeeze the trigger to activate the pump mechanism.A nice fine spray mist is applied in front of the mop. Ideal for all surface types.Instructions for Cleaning with the Bucket and WringerWith a light press on the foot step you can fold the mop. Rinse the mop inside the bucket of water.Insert the folded mop into the wringer and press down up to 3 times for optimal dampness.Usage Instructions for a longer life of your productFor the best results use Vileda 1-2 Spray Cleaning liquid - suitable for all types of floors. Don't fill the handle with any corrosive or irritant cleaner, disinfectant cleaner or hard water (WH III + IV). Please follow the dosage recommendation - do not overdose with concentrated detergents. Changing Cleaner Fluid: Empty spray handle completely, fill with new cleaner and rinse spray nozzle with a few spray squirts. 1-2 Spray is now ready for the next cleaning task.

Please store the handle in an upright position.