Union hand-roasted coffee guatemala liberacion 227g




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Strength - strong - 5. For filters, cafetères and pour overs. Exquisite Coffee: Vibrant coffee, refreshingly fruity with notes of floral jasmine. Grown by four co-operatives in La Libertad&Todos Santos, Huehuetenango. Direct Trade: This coffee is an exclusive selection from 150 farmers in a small region of northern Guatemala working together as an association called Cobahue. This coffee is described as""Baluarte:- a special accolade bestowed by the Italian Slow Food movement upon exceptional quality foods that support social and environmental sustainability. Artisan Roasted: This 'top of the mountain' coffee is both beautiful and challenging to roast. Intimate knowledge of the farm allows our roastmaster to draw out the fruit and floral tones of this strong yet elegant bean. Union Story: Our journey began in the 90's with one pound of fresh roasted coffee from a local coffee roaster in San Francisco. Our senses were stirred by an explosion of flavours a skilled roastmaster coaxed from these special coffee beans. Inspired to start our own coffee roastingcompany back home in London, our dream was to provide like-minded souls with exceptionally good, fresh roasted coffee, just what we wanted to drink for ourselves. We now roast for the most renowned restaurants and gourmet food stores in Britain, and for coffee fans like you. Discover more about us at www.unionroaster.com/guatemala

Preparation & Storage


  • Be your own baristaA rounded dessertspoon of ground per cup makes the perfect filter pot or cafetière of coffee. If it's too strong for your taste, just add a little hot water after brewing.If you're using a cafetiére, let the kettle come off the boil, then wet the grounds evenly with a little water before topping up. Give it 4 minutes, then plunge.To keep the flavours fresh, transfer brewed coffee to a thermos jug rather than leaving it on the hot plate.Make sure your coffee maker is clean, as coffee oil build-up will taste stale.


Once opened, roll the top of this pack down tightly and secure with a rubber band. Store in the freezer and use within two weeks.