Steve's Leaves baby watercress & little leaves 60g




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A natural source of folic acid + vitamins A+C. Washed only in spring water + ready to eat. An entirely glorious mix of baby watercress&little leaves. A Bit About Us... We're a bunch of farmers who grow delicious baby leaves. When we're not out in the field tending to our crop, we're dreaming up new varieties. Once of our favourites is this Baby Watercress. It's just traditional watercress but we cut it earlier so it's less stalky and easier to get your mouth around. Here we've married it with two of our other favourite little leaves, namely Baby Chard and the rather fetching Baby Red Cos. Folic acid is needed for healthy cells and blood, while vitamin A isimportant for healthy vision and skin. Vitamin C is important for healthy skin, bones and gums. All three help keep the immune system healthy. Get the best from our leaves by enjoying them as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Conservation Grade - Nature friendly farmingĀ®. 10% of our land is dedicated to nature


Baby Watercress 40%, Little Leaves 60%, (Baby Red Cos and Baby Chard)

Preparation & Storage


  • Flip Me it's Delicious...In a salad with hot smoked salmon, boiled eggs and avocado, a mustardy dressing, and a good sprinkle of chives.


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