Ecover triple action toilet cleaner 750ml


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Product Summary

Cleans, decalcifies and freshens. Cleans above and below the rim. Brings your toilet bowl up sparkling bright without those eye-watering chemical smells. UNEP award. Suitable for septic tanks. With its decalcifying agent, once round the rim with our great liquid plus a quick scrub keeps your loo smart and fresh. Here at Ecover we craft products which are both powerful and developed in a truly sustainable way, so much so that once used they are reabsorbed into nature. Our approach has been validated by Vinçotte Environment too - that's our Ecover Guarantee. For more info visit:


>30%: Water, <5%: Non-Ionic Surfactants, Citric Acid, Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Perfume (Type: Ocean Fantasy; contains: Limonene), Preservative (0,2%): Sodium Benzoate

Usage Instructions

  • Squirt a small amount into the toilet and under the toilet rim. Leave for a few minutes. If needed, scrub with a toilet brush. Flush.Keep out of the reach of children.

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Cap/Lid Blank Yes
Pack Blank Yes