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Organic. Soil Association Organic Food awards 2013 - Gold. Whole grains. High fibre. Wheat-free. No added salt or sugar - contains natural sugars from oats. Non-GM. Vegetarian Society approved. Kosher - KLBD. Cooking oatmeal is a skill - and a great one to have. Oatmeal isn't steamed and rolled like oat flakes. Oatmeal is the original oat porridge, milled to different grades. We use our unique blend of the tastiest medium grade and pinhead Organic Scottish oatmeal. Our top tip for health and for taste: soak the oatmeal overnight. Not only will it be creamier; your kitchen will have a lovely breakfast aroma before you've even done anything. World Championship Porridge. This oatmeal is the result of an obsession. Our co-founder Nick has been trying to win the Golden Spurtle, the grand prize at the annual World Porridge Championships. For best results, Nick recommends soaking the oats overnight in soft water gathered from a peaty Highland spring. We'd tell you more, but you wouldn't believe us. Hello! At Rude Health, we choose the best of the best ingredients and put them together in ways that make their natural flavours sing. No need to fortify or falsify. No need to mess with the planet. With great food inside us, we feel we can do just about anything. Eat right, stay brilliant. Food for thought. What we leave out is just as important as what we put in. If you'd like to hear us rant about the ins and outs of food, farming and other words starting with F, drop into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram/Rude Health.



Preparation & Storage


  • How we like it. Soft spring water. Flaked sea salt. That's it. really. It's unimproveable. Alternating spoonfuls of hot porridge with cold double cream is another way to achieve breakfast ecstasy. Cooking Instructions. (Serves 2). Start the night before: Take 100ml The Oatmeal and put in a bowl with 150ml warm water. Stir out lumps, cover bowl with a plate and leave. In the morning: Boil water in a heavy-based saucepan and add the soaked oatmeal and 1/4 tspn sea salt. Now go straight to 2 in the instructions below. Make it straight away: 1. Bring 300ml of water to the boil in a heavy-based saucepan. Then add 100ml of The Oatmeal and 1/4 tspn of sea salt. 2. Turn the heat right down and simmer for 3 mins if soaked, 5-6 mins if not soaked. Stir occasionally.


Store this somewhere dry.


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