Filippo berio olive oil 1litre




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Product Summary

Composed of refined olive oils and of virgin olive oils. Oil comprising exclusively olive oils that have undergone refining and oils obtained directly from olives. Traditionally tin cans were used to pack olive oil, which was ideal for protecting it from direct sunlight and preserving its fine flavour. Historically Filippo Berio was referred to as the oil in the""Golden Can""so we are now delighted to present our Olive Oil to you in this original format. This olive oil is ideal for all types of cooking, especially roasting and frying. It's also perfect for creating delicate dressings and mayonnaise or for drizzling on pasta, jacket potatoes, vegetables, meat or fish. Since 1867 Filippo Berio has been producing the world's finest Olive Oil. Today the same passion and skill goes into selecting the very best oils for all our products.

Preparation & Storage


Store in a cool dry place, away from sources of heat.