Buxton sparkling natural mineral water 8x50cl


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Product Summary

From the Peak District. Tastes great - subtle&refreshing. A 8 x 500ml bottle multipack ideal for adding some fizzy refreshment to picnics or just keeping the fridge topped up. Sparkling natural mineral water. Enjoy the fine yet lively bubbles of Buxton sparkling water for an instantly refreshing and enlivening sensation. Buxton Natural Mineral Water is utterly pure and full of vitality \u2013 helping you make the most out of every day. Buxton water is rainfall from over 5000 years ago, which has slowly filtered through the ancient limestone of the Derbyshire Peak District. Deep underground, the water changes course and rises up through 1500 metres of British bedrock to emerge, crisp and delicious, in Buxton. This natural filtration makes Buxton one of the purest natural mineral waters in Europe. Buxton mineral water naturally rises to the top, brimming with vigour. Just like you. Bottled at source in Buxton, England. About our water www.buxton.co.uk

Preparation & Storage


  • Best served chilled. Consume within 3 days of opening.


Store in a cool dry clean place away from light, strong odours or chemicals.