Tilda vintage basmati 500g


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Product Summary

Fluffy&aromatic. A richer, more vibrant flavour. Basmati rice. The only element we have added is time... Not many people know Basmati improves with age. We have taken time to store every precious grain of this select 2006 harvest to create a richer, more vibrant flavour. Basmati relies on nature to mature and flourish, so every year's harvest is different. Our farmers recognise an exceptional crop when they see one and 2006 was one of the finest. When a harvest is this good, farmers like to keep some aside for their families to enjoy on special occasions. Fortunately for us, we have a limited number of special-edition packs to share with you. By storing this special Basmati for longer, then carefully milling it, we have achieved a richer, more separate grain, with an extraordinarily nutty aroma and naturally sweet flavour - perfect for that dinner party dish.

Preparation & Storage


Store in a cool dry place.