Green's Carmelle Vanilla Dessert with Caramel Syrup 70g


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Product Summary

Easy mix. Silky vanilla dessert with caramel syrup. Natural colours&flavours. Suitable for vegetarians. Ready to mix vanilla flavoured dessert with caramel syrup. Green's... At the Heart of Moments Together\u2122. Brighton baker Horace Green believed that baking was the most heartfelt way to show you care. He created deliciously simple baking mixes for everyone to make and share, and families have been doing just that for over 100 years. Visit our website for more information including great ideas, recipes and products.


Dessert Mix: Sugar, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan; Stabiliser: Disodium Phosphate; Colours: Curcumin, Annatto; Flavouring, Caramel Syrup: Glucose Syrup, Caramelised Syrup, Sugar

Preparation & Storage


  • You Will Need568ml (1 pint) milk (reconstituted milk is not recommended).10 minutes to prepare60 minutes to setMake your Carmelle1 PrepareHeat the milk in a large saucepan to almost boiling point then remove form the heat.Sprinkle the Carmelle mix over the surface. Bring the boil for two minutes, stirring continuously.Empty the caramel syrup into 4 small ramekins*.Pour the Carmelle liquid on top of the Caramel syrup.*Alternatively you can make one large dessert by using a 1 pint mould (refrigerate for 2-4 hours).2 CoolRefrigerate for 1 hour.3 ServeTurn out onto a plate (this can be served up to 24 hours later if refrigerated).