RHS empathy mini meadow 500ml

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Product Summary

RHS perfect for pollinators. For bees, bugs&butterflies. Empathy Mini Meadow. Flowers attract insects by providing them with two rich sources of food - nectar and pollen. Nectar contains sugars and provides insects with an energy source, while pollen grains contain proteins and oils. Pollen and nectar provide the complete diet for both the adult bees and their larvae. Other insects, such as various beetles, bugs, butterflies and moths visit flowers to feed on pollen and nectar. All are capable of picking up pollen on their bodies and bringing about pollination when they move to other flowers. Empathy Mini Meadow is the ideal way to achieve perfect habitat for pollinating insects, suitable for small and large gardens alike. All you require is a 3m2 patch of garden and you can have your very own Mini Meadow which will attract and support a wide range of vital insect wildlife. Easy Sow, Empathy Mini Meadow contains wild flower seeds, a soil conditioner and rootgrow\u2122 UK origin mycorrhizal fungi, all designed to make the process of sowing your Mini Meadow easy and to maximise the chances of good germination and strong early growth. Empathy Mini Meadow is ideal for experienced and new gardeners as it requires very little after-care, it is also a valuable tool to teach children the importance of bio-diversity in gardening. Rootgrow\u2122 Mycorrhizal Fungi. Established wild flower meadows have an extensive network of beneficial fungi and bacteria breaking down and selecting soil nutrients to transport to the root system. The mycorrhizal fungi in rootgrow\u2122 will spread rapidly through the new wild flower roots to provide sustained benefits throughout the lifetime of your Mini Meadow. Empathy Mini Meadow contains seeds of: UK native wild flowers including: common poppy, oxeye daisy, corn flower amongst many others, all specifically selected to attract bees, bugs and butterflies. For more information on rootgrow\u2122 mycorrhizal fungi go to: www.rootgrow.co.uk

Usage Instructions

  • Shake well before useHow to sow your Mini Meadow:Sow in the Spring or Autumn.Wild flowers can be sensitive to competition from weeds and so prepare your ground by clearing weeds and other debris.Rake over an area 3m2 (approximately a 2m diameter circle) to level the soil leaving a rough surface for the seeds to fall into.Broadcast the contents of the Empathy Mini Meadow packet across the prepared area and lightly rake to cover.Keep well watered.Seed germination will vary but germination should commence with 28 days (depending on environmental conditions).Once the flower heads have gone over simply mow off at the end of the year.