British finely sliced dry cured breaded ham 130g


This item is not available from Waitrose Cambridge.

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Product Summary

British finely sliced dry cured breaded ham. Our pigs are produced to high welfare standards, being born outdoors and reared in airy straw bedded barns. Our pork is carefully butchered and then dry cured and matured. The cured legs are slowly cooked and then coated with breadcrumbs. Once chilled, the ham is finely sliced.


British Pork (98%), Salt, Dextrose Monohydrate, Breadcrumbs (0.5%), Pork Gelatine, Stabilisers Di-, Tri- and Polyphosphates, Wheat Dextrose, Antioxidant Sodium Ascorbate, Preservative Sodium Nitrate, Breadcrumbs contain Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast, Colours Curcumin, Annatto and Paprika Extract

Preparation & Storage


Keep refrigerated below 5°COnce open consume within 2 daysDo not exceed use by date