a2 whole milk 2litre


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Product Summary

Original milk protein. Pasteurised standardised homogenised whole milk. The natural answer to A1 milk protein intolerance. a2\u2122 Milk is a natural great tasting cows milk with all the goodness milk brings. Cows milk contains different types of protein, one group of which are caseins - the main types of the beta-casein fraction are A2 and A1. a2\u2122 Milk does not contain the A1 protein as it comes from specially selected cows which naturally produce only A2 protein. The structural difference between A2 and A1 proteins means they may digest differently. People who experience symptoms of intolerance to milk may be reacting specifically to the A1 protein and not the lactose in milk or other milk proteins as is often assumed. a2\u2122 Milk is not a modified milk nor is it a dairy alternative but it is a cows milk naturally containing A2 protein and therefore the natural answer to A1 milk protein intolerance.

Preparation & Storage


  • Not suitable for anyone medically diagnosed with galactosaemia, lactose intolerance, a milk allergy or other milk protein intolerances.


Keep refrigerated, store less than 5°C. Once opened use within 3 days


Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank Yes