Ambi Pur diffuser unit each


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Product Summary

Eliminates odour and freshens the air. Use with Ambi Pur single plug-in refills to eliminate odours and freshen the air. High quality fragrances. Adjustable scent intensity. Use with Ambi Pur single chamber plug-in refills. Create the ambiance you desire in your home with Ambi Pur Single Chamber plug-in air fresheners. Use the electrical diffuser with Ambi Pur Single Chamber plug-in refills which are available in a bountiful range of high quality fragrances which let you and your home enjoy a true scent experience. On top of this, you can adjust the diffuser depending on the intensity of scent you desire and each refill lasts up to 90 days if used 12 hours a day on setting 2.


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Usage Instructions

  • Always keep bottle upright. Unplug before inserting bottle. Remove the cap, insert the bottle upright into the diffuser with logo on the front. Insert bottle until it clicks, avoiding damaging the wick. Plug diffuser into socket with bottle at the bottom. Leave 50cm clear above to ensure good evaporation. Adjust fragrance strength if required. Keep out of the reach of children. Air Fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices. Avoid hard knocks. If diffuser fails or is damaged, remove from socket. Do not open the device. Do not touch with wet hands or metal objects. Do not fill bottle with any liquids. Do not cover or paint unit. Do not place on or near polished, painted or plastic surfaces. Do not use in confined spaces. Wipe up any spills immediately.