Tate & Lyle light soft brown sugar 700g


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Product Summary

Mediterranean inspired. Fairtrade. Medium bodied buttery. Delicious in preserves caramels&sauces. A medium bodied sugar - 4. Suitable for both a vegetarians and vegans diet. Kosher - KLBD. A Journey of Taste. Light soft brown is a moist sugar, with its fine-sized, quick dissolving crystals and a buttery caramel flavour. The Mediterranean journey is inspired by centuries of trading sugars across the turquoise seas into the sun drenched Mediterranean Peninsulas. To this day this great foodie area produces delectable pastries defined by this type of sugar. There are many more sugars to explore in the range. Some of these include: Mississippi Inspired Dark Brown Sugar, Caribbean Inspired Light Muscovado, British Inspired Golden Syrup Sugar. Our Fairtrade Promise. Every pack you buy helps to improve the lives of small scale sugar cane farmers in developing countries. Through the Fairtrade premium farmers can invest in children's education and sustainable farming for over 6000 farming families. Sugar: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards. Visit www.info.fairtrade.net. Explore simple and tasty recipe ideas at www.tasteand smile.co.uk

Preparation & Storage


  • Delicious in a wonderful caramel sauce, for pouring over popcorn, ice cream or to enhance fruity preserves for adding a zing to cold meats.


Store in a dry place away from bright sunlight and strong odours.


Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank No