Société roquefort 150g


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Product Summary

Roquefort is a French full fat blue cheese made from unpasteurised sheep's milk. Roquefort is often referred to as the \u201CKing of French cheeses\u201D. It was the first cheese to be accredited with AOC status in 1925. It has a forceful and complex flavour with a creamy texture that melts in the mouth. The paste is very moist and crumbly and has a characteristic beautiful ivory and greenish-blue colour. Made only from specially selected ewe\u2019s milk, Roquefort is much more than just another blue cheese. The marbled appearance is owed to a unique form of Penicilium roqueforti which develops in its natural environment - the cellars of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon village, in Aveyron (South of France). Roquefort is ripened and matured for at least three months through its production.

Preparation & Storage


Keep refrigerated : +2°C / +6°C