Perrier sparkling natural mineral water can 6x330ml


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Product Summary

A 6 x 33cl can multipack, the ultimate refreshment. Perfect for keeping the fridge stocked up and for a zero calorie soft drink alternative, bursting with bubbles. Perrier is the natural mineral water that sparkles like no other. Naturally carbonated, the unique combination of limestone filtration and rising volcanic gas causes Perrier mineral water to force its way up and out, rising at a spring named Les Bouillens, meaning 'boiling waters'. Each bottle contains three times more gas than water - resulting in the strongest, most invigorating bubbles to be found in any natural mineral water. For over 100 years, people have visited the springs to enjoy the health-giving waters. Today, Perrier quenches and pleases all your senses, fizzing with vitality.

Preparation & Storage


Store in a cool, dry, clean place away from light, strong odours or chemicals.