Fries-To-Go microwave 3x90g

  • Suitable for freezing Freezable
  • Frozen Frozen


Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Dehydrated Potato, Emulsifier (E471), Salt, Dextrose

Preparation & Storage


  • Do's and Don'tsPlease Do: 1. Cook from frozen. 2. Check each of the individual microwave pockets has a chip in position, before microwaving. 3. Ensure chips are piping hot throughout before eating. 4. Check cooking times. Please note all microwave ovens vary. You may need to adjust cooking times to suit your own model. 5. Follow cooking guidelines in the table. 6. Cook only one box at a time. 7. Take care: after cooking the Fries and the Box will be very Hot!Please Don't: 1. Put this box in a conventional oven or grill. 2. Cook if any chips are missing from the individual microwave pockets. 3. Leave the microwave oven unattended while cooking. 4. Use this product after the best before date, as the product may overheat. 5. Overcook.Warning: Please take care after cooking the fries will be very hot.


Keep frozenStar Marked Frozen Food Compartment*** Or Food Freezer Until best before end date** One month* One weekIce making compartment 3 days Should be -18°C or belowIf thawed do not re-freeze