Gourmet Gold double delicacies 12x85g




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Product Summary

Satisfaction guaranteed. Complete pet food for adult cats. Your cat is a real connoisseur and loves trying different textures and flavours every day. That is why GOURMET Gold has created Double Delicacies, savoury recipes to spoil his sophisticated palate with a different taste experience in every single meal. Tender chunks combined with gently cooked fine flakes: the ideal combination of two different textures in the same meal to offer your cat the pleasure of a subtle blend of tastes and textures. Double Delicacies from GOURMET Gold, a wide choice of savoury recipes for a different taste moment every day. GOURMET Gold, a wide choice of savoury recipes for a different taste moment every day. PatéRecipes - Tender PatéRecipes with meat or fish carefully prepared for a delicate and smooth sensation. Gravy Collection - Tender chunks with meat or fish gently cooked and doused in a delicious sauce for a fabulous and rich flavour. SouffléSelection - Tender morsels with meat and fish delicately cut and combined together with lightly whisked egg for a soft and creamy sensation. Casseroles Collection - Prime chunks with meat or fish slowly cooked in a special savoury sauce creating a subtle harmony of textures and flavours. Come and meet me at my very own website. I will tell you all about my favourite foods, special GOURMET offers and promotions and share a world of cat fun with you. www.gourmet-cat.co.uk

Preparation & Storage


  • Feeding Instructions: For an average adult cat (4kg), feed 3 cans per day in at least 2 separate meals. Serve at room temperature.


Please store this can unopened in a cool, dry place.