Aquarian goldfish flake food 25g


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Product Summary

Advanced nutrition. 100% complete balanced. High in vitamin C&E to maintain good health. With carotenoids to enhance orange&red colour. Clearer, cleaner water. A complete,balanced diet specially formulated for goldfish and fancy goldfish. Recommended by Top Aquarists.\u2122. For a free beginners guide, help and advice on all aspects of fishkeeping please visit


Fish and Fish Derivatives, Cereals, Oils and Fats, Vegetables, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Fruit, Minerals, Eggs and Egg Derivatives, Yeasts, Algae

Usage Instructions

  • Open Carefully: Hold firmly on a flat surface and carefully peel back the foil Feeding instructions: Feed 2 times a day as a complete diet for goldfish. Only feed them as much as they can eat within 5 minutes. Remove any uneaten flakes.