Snow Leopard Premium Vodka 70cl




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Product Summary

Six times distilled. Made with spelt grain. Distilled and bottled in Poland. Inspired by a goal. More than just a name, Snow Leopard vodka was created to help save this beautiful creation from extinction. Luxury Innovation. The first luxury vodka made from rare Spelt grain. Affectionately known as the grandfather of all grains, Spelt has a distinct nutty fresh taste. Spelt grain is typically 4-5 times the price of other grains used in premium vodka production. Pure, Simple and Time Honoured. Snow Leopard is produced in small batches by Polmos Lublin of Poland. It is made from pure Spelt grain, natural spring water and is 6 times distilled. Tasting Notes. Fresh floral and anise aroma. Rich body of creamy vanilla, nut and peppery spice flavours. Ultra smooth clean finish. Endangered. There are approximately 3,500 Snow Leopards left in the wild and, as such, the species is critically endangered. The brand will help save the Snow Leopard by raising valuable funds and awareness.