Bob Martin spot on dewormer 2s


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Product Summary

Fast and 100% effective tapeworm treatment. Available without prescription*. *Previously sold under a different trade name as a prescription Only Medicine. From big cats to pussy cats this product has been specially developed to make worming easy - without the bites and scratches and other problems associated with trying to give tablets. Simply apply the solution to the back of your cat's neck for fast, effective treatment. Clinically proven, Spot On Solution Dewormer 20mg starts working almost immediately and is 100% effective at controlling tapeworm, one of the most common worms in cats. EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF: Common worms affecting cats specifically Tapeworms: Dipylidium caninum. Taenia taeniaeformis. Echinococcus multilocularis.

Usage Instructions

  • FOR BEST RESULTS.There is no permanent treatment for worms. Veterinarians recommend that weaned kittens and adult cats be wormed every 3 months as a routine measure. It is also important to remove sources of possible re-infection such as fleas and mice.