Pop-ins fragrant sanitary disposal bags 50s


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Product Summary

Pop-ins fragrant sanitary disposal bags are the ideal way to dispose of used sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners hygienically. Tie close handles ensure the bags are securely closed concealing the contents. A delicate yet effective fragrance masks any unpleasant odours, and their colour subtly disguises the contents. The attractive pack is designed for use in the bathroom or bedroom.

Usage Instructions

  • Directions for use:Press out the perforated panel and gently pull out one Pop-ins bag at a time.Place the used towel or tampon in the bag.Tie the handles together and dispose of hygienically at home, or in a public waste bin.Warning:To avoid danger of suffocation keep polythene bags away from babies, young children and pets.Do not flush this product down a toilet.Do not use for carrying food.This product contain a fragrance, if an allergic reaction develops, discontinue use.BAG IT&BIN IT.DON'T FLUSH IT.