Jim Beam 70cl


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No 1 bourbon in the world, sold in over 120 countries - The world\u2019s most popular bourbon. Strong family heritage with a formula unchanged in over 200 years - Ensuring the same consistent quality since its first production. Aged in new charred oak barrels - Delivering a quality bourbon with an exceptionally rich, smooth taste. Leader in innovation within the bourbon market, with the number 1 flavoured bourbon, Red Stag, and the 1st to market with Honey. The Bourbon. This bourbon contains all the pride of its 200 year history. Originated by Jacob Beam in 1795, it is the product of seven generations of distillers. Made from the highest quality ingredients, Jim Beam is the world's finest bourbon. To drink Jim Beam is not only to taste its full bourbon character, but its rich American heritage. James B Beam. Beam formula a standard since 1795. Jim Beam Bourbon derives its rich, satisfying flavour from a treasured family recipe and a minimum of four years ageing in new, charred oak barrels. Jim Beam is the best-selling most popular bourbon in the world. Appearance. Golden straw. Nose. Oaky vanilla with a spicy backdrop. Palate. Medium-bodied, mellow with hints of caramel and vanilla. Finish. Clean and flavourful. In 1795, Jacob Beam sold his first barrel of whiskey. Since then, over seven generations of the Beam family have faithfully followed the original, time honoured recipes and traditions. Born in the late 1700s in Kentucky, USA, bourbon has grown to be among the most popular of the world\u2019s spirits and the only native American spirit as declared by an act of US congress in 1964. In order to be declared a bourbon, a whiskey must meet strict guidelines, including the following: 1. It must be made in the USA 2. Its recipe must contain at least 51% corn 3. It must be aged in new charred oak barrels 4. It must be unfiltered prior to ageing to allow the natural flavour of the whiskey to interact with oak To be labelled a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, like Jim Beam, it must also be 1. Produced in Kentucky 2. Aged for a minimum of two years.