Big K real lump wood barbecue charcoal 5kg

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Product Summary

Real lumpwood barbecue charcoal

Usage Instructions

  • Barbecue cooking is easy, fun and safe as long as common sense is used!To Light!Place several Big K charcoal lighter cubes on a bed of Big K charcoalHeap more charcoal over and around the lighter cubesLight the cubes with a long taper or match, wait for the flames to die down and for the charcoal to take on a greyish appearance about 20-25 mins. Start to cook....alternativelyHeap charcoal onto BBQ grate and spread out over cooking area.Using Big K lighting fluid, squeeze approx. half a cup of fluid over the charcoal. Allow to soak for 1 min. before lighting.Light the charcoal and wait as described above.RememberCook over Heat!Not over flames.How Much Charcoal to UseNormal GrillingCover the cooking area of your BBQ to an approximate 2"depth of Big K charcoal.Spit RoastingYou will need more charcoal than for grilling because of extended cooking time.RememberIt is always better to have too much than too little charcoal.(Big K Charcoal Products do not 'go off' if kept dry)The bigger the BBQ Grill the bigger the bag of Big K Charcoal required.Remember!Never Use indoors.Never Allow children near or leave a lit barbecue unattended.Never Attempt to light using petrol, methylated spirits or other flammable liquids.Never Try to move a lit barbecue.Never Pour any flammable liquid, even proper barbecue lighting fuel onto a lit or warm barbecue - it can cause a dangerous flash flame.Never Place hot ashes into a dustbin - wait until they are cold or douse with water before disposal.Never Try to cook over flames - it burns the outside of the food without properly cooking the inside.Safety FirstTake care and enjoy your barbecueWarning!Under no circumstances burn charcoal indoors without adequate&effective ventilation since an accumulation of fumes can be harmful