Douwe Egberts senseo classic roast 20 coffee pods 250g


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Product Summary

Smooth&powerful. Ground coffee in pads. Full of strength and character, Arabica and Robusta beans are dark roasted for longer to create a rich coffee. Welcome to a World of Coffee Created for the Senses. A world of pleasure and delight. Choosefrom our collection of beautiful coffee blends, each one perfectly roasted and carefully ground to release its rich aroma, irresistible taste and smoothest velvety crema. Savour Senseo®mug size coffee pads and you'll enjoy the most vibrant coffee experience from first touch to final drop, at any moment of the day. Learn more about our sustainability commitments and our partner UTZ Certified at

Preparation & Storage


  • UsageYou can use 1 pad make 2 cups or 1 mug.Always use double padholder.Tips:These pads can be discarded as compost.For a warmer end mug, pre-heat your milk.


After opening we recommend storing Douwe Egberts Senseo®coffee pads in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to 2-3 weeks.