CJ Wildlife peanut cake with seed 500ml


This item is not available from Waitrose Cambridge.

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Product Summary

This complete feed is ideal for feeders, table and ground feeding. 660 calories per 100g. High energy seed peanut cake wild bird food. Surprisingly the more calories the better! Garden birds use lots of energy in their daily activities. Foods rich in fats and oils will contain high calorie levels and it is these calories that provide them with the energy they need to breed, survive and thrive throughout the year. So when it comes to bird food, the higher the calories, the better for your birds! Request your free Handbook of Garden Wildlife, packed with practical advice and stunning photography to aid bird identification.


Peanut Flour, Black Sunflowers, Striped Sunflowers, Yellow Millet, Kibbled Peanuts, Pinhead Oatmeal

Usage Instructions

  • How to feedSimply remove the tape holding the lid in place, pull down the perforated tear strip and ease out the cake. Hang from a branch (by looping a piece of string through the hole in the hanger) or specialist peanut cake feeder. Alternatively chop into small pieces for a tasty bird table treat.