Uncle Ben's boil in bag wholegrain rice 500g


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Product Summary

Perfect every time. Easy opening bag. Naturally gluten free. Boil in the bag wholegrain rice. Wholegrain rice is literally the whole of the grain, which contains fibres and nutrients that are necessary in our daily diet. Whole grains are naturally low in saturated fat and salt. Wholegrain rice is recommended by nutritionists as it provides magnesium and phosphorus which are essential for facilitating the body's use of energy and for forming strong bones. Uncle Ben's®has used its expertise to bring you wholegrain rice that is nutritious, tasty and cooks in just 10 minutes.


100% non-sticky and easy to prepare Uncle Ben's®Wholegrain Rice

Preparation & Storage


  • Full cooking instructions are printed on the packaging.
  • Hob From Ambient: 1. Bring a large amount of water to the boil.…2. Add bag (and salt if required) and simmer for 10 mins.…3. Remove bag and drain well.…4. Tear open bag at pre-cut V.…5. Serve and enjoy!


Store in a dry place and keep at room temperature.