Soignon goats cheese 120g




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Product Summary

The cheese can be useful for consumers unable to tolerate cow's milk products. Suitable for vegetarians. Full fat soft goat cheese made with pasteurised milk. Made from pasteurised Goat's milk, the cheese ripens towards its Use By date, and the initially firm heart becomes softer and creamier from the rind inwards. As it does so the flavour develops gently to a clean, medium 'goat' level and the texture softens. The rind is edible.

Preparation & Storage


  • The cheese is great for cheeseboards and is an ideal shape for slicing for salads, for warming on toast or grilling.Guide To RipenessYoung&firm: approx 4 weeks before use-by-dateMedium ripe: approx 2 - 3 weeks before use-by-dateFully ripe: 1 - 2 weeks before use-by-date


Keep refrigerated + 2°- +6°C