Padron Peppers 130g


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1 in 30 has a kick. Easy to cook - ready in 3 minutes. The original Padron peppers, from Padron, Spain. With a taste as distinctive as the landscape where they were first cultivated over 400 years ago, these peppers are unique to the region of Padron in northwest Spain where they have been grown by my family for three generations. You're sure to enjoy them eaten the same way as we do in Spain fried lightly in olive oil and with a sprinkle of sea salt and accompanied by a cool drink. You're discover a flavour unlike any other pepper you've fried: deliciously sweet and every once in a while, you'll taste a spicy one which only adds to their charm. The possibilities are as abundant as your culinary creativity. Enjoy! Or as we say,. 'Pimientos de Padron, que ricos son!'. Noelia Conde