Doves Farm pasta 500g


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Product Summary

Organic. Made in Itlay from maize&rice. Gluten free. Pasta made without wheat, milk, salt, nuts, soya, or egg. Vegetarian Society approved. Gluten Free Organic Maize&Rice Pasta made in Italy without gluten, wheat, milk, salt, nuts, soya or egg. ""I am an organic farmer and, like colleagues in other countries, follow international organic rules. We rotate crops, grassland and livestock to develop natural soil fertility&create habitats for wildlife conservation. The maize and rice used to make this pasta ripened under the Italian sun before being made into this delicious pasta. I hope that you will enjoy these pasta shapes which are ideal for wheat and gluten free diets."". Michael Marriage Managing Director. We also make a large range of speciality flour, breakfast cereal, cookies and snack bars.


Maize Flour* (70%), Rice Flour* (30%), *Denotes organically grown

Preparation & Storage


  • Cooking Pasta1. Bring a large pan of water and a little salt to a rolling boil.2. Add 100g/4oz pasta per person.3. Simmer without a lid for the time indicated above the barcode.4. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.5. Carefully drain pasta and return to pan.6. Stir in a little butter, olive oil or a spoonful of your sauce&serve.


Keep airtight.