Montezuma's organic dark chocolate 100g


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Product Summary

Creative Chocolate from Britain. Made with Imagination and Love. ""This is no ordinary chocolate. The quality of the organic beans from our friends in the Dominican Republic don't just shine through it almost burns a hole in the carton! You get a full and balanced flavour without any overpowering bitterness. Don't judge chocolate by cocoa content, judge it by flavour and consider the beans, climate, soil, weather and about another zillion things more important than the number."". Helen Pattinson, Co-founder. We think of our bar range as an important cornerstone of what we are and what we do. At our creative core is a passion for innovation in chocolate and that should shine through in something as apparently simple as a chocolate bar. Nothing is ordinary in this range, from selecting the finest cocoa to the detail and care in combining challenging ingredients. Since our foundation in 2000, we have maintained and improved our founding principles we coin as 'Trading Fairly' which extends not only to how we purchase our cocoa but also our packaging and how we influence all our partners. We are passionate about our impact on the small planet we live and trade with and this colours much of what we do and how we do it. Please pop along to our website to find out more. Made by those lovely people at Montezuma's on (...well, close to) a beach in West Sussex.


Organic Cocoa Solids (73%), Organic Sugar (26%)&Organic Vanilla (<1%)

Preparation & Storage


Store in a cool place.