Poly Lina quick steam microwave bags (pack of 8) 8s


Sorry, we no longer stock these items at the branch Cambridge.

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Product Summary

A quick and healthier way of cooking in minutes. Locks in nutrients and retains flavour. A healthy, quick and convenient way to cook fresh food within minutes. Each individual bag contains a vent that allows the food to be steamed thoroughly and evenly whilst retaining flavour and beneficial vitamins. Suitable for vegetables, fruit, fish and chicken. Cooking times can be found on each bag to make steaming even easier.

Usage Instructions

  • Directions for use:Food should be cut into similar sized pieces, try not tooverlap.When cooking chicken and fish, the portions should be of equal thickness.No need to add water or salt for normal cooking although herbs, spices and liquids may be added for recipe ideas.Close the bag tightly for a good seal.Place the bag into the microwave ensuring that the correct side is facing upwards and select cooking time.Try to leave the food cooking for the recommended time as pressure will be lost and cooking time increased if the microwave is opened during cooking time.During cooking the bag will inflate and food may"pop"inside this is normal.Leave to stand for 30 seconds before opening.Open the bag away from you as steam will be released on opening.Do not re-use the bag for different foods as there is a risk of bacterial cross-contamination.WARNING To avoid suffocation keep polythene bags away from babies, young children and pets.OPEN CAREFULLY After cooking steam may escape from the bag, when handling hold the cool section at the top of the bag and open away from your body.