Potter's catarrh pastilles 45g


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Product Summary

Potter's Catarrh Pastilles. The traditional remedy for the relief of catarrh, coughs and colds. Unblocks the respiratory system and gives a warm feeling. About this product. Potter's Catarrh Pastilles have been formulated to bring effective relief of the symptoms of catarrh, coughs and colds. The active ingredients in Potter's Catarrh Pastilles have decongestant properties that unblock the respiratory system and give a warm feeling that combined with the pastille base helps soothe a cough.


Active Ingredients:, Menthol BP 0.8% w/w, Pumilio Pine Oil BP 1980 0.6% v/w, Eucalyptus Oil BP 0.02% v/w, Other ingredients:, Modified Starch, Sugar, Glucose, Marshmallow Liquid Extract, Vegetable Oil, Beeswax, Thymol, Carmoisine E122, Water

Usage Instructions

  • Dosage.Adults, the elderly and children of 12 years and over:One pastille to be sucked slowly as often as required.Not recommended for children under 12 years old.Do not take more than 20 pastilles in 24 hours.If symptoms persist consult your doctor. If you take too many pastilles or experience any symptoms/side effects which you think may be due to taking this product consult your doctor or pharmacist. Rare reports of hypersensitivity to this medicine have been reported.Each pastille contains a total of 0.8g of sucrose and glucose. This should be taken in to account by patients with diabetes. Also, if your doctor has told you that you have an intolerance to some sugars, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.Do not take if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in this product.Use within 6 months of opening the pack. Do not take after the use by date.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.