Poly-Lina kitchen foil 300mmx10m each




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Product Summary

Ideal for storing, cooking and roasting. Kitchen foil. Poly-Lina Kitchen Foil is made from aluminium. Both sides of the foil can be used for cooking, roasting, or as a cover for food when in a roasting or oven proof dish. When storing, the foil keeps food fresh and keeps out odours.

Usage Instructions

  • Directions for use:It is not advisable to store food in a metal dish covered with foil with highly acidic or salty foods, as under these conditions the foil may become attacked causing small holes to appear or the foil to become discoloured. To help prevent this happening, lightly coat the foil with oil before cooking or storing.Push in tabs: Push in the tabs located at each end of the box to secure roll in place.To open, place finger under flap and break perforations.WarningDo not allow foil to come into direct contact with a naked flame, electrical heating elements or sides of the oven.Do not use in microwave ovens. To avoid the spread of bacteria, never re-use foil. Allow cooked food to cool completely before wrapping to store in fridge.

Recycling & Disposal

Component Material Recyclable
Carton Blank Yes
Inner Blank Yes