Highland Park 18 years old 70cl

Preparation & Storage


  • ENJOY THE PERFECT GLASS OF HIGHLAND PARK.First, hold your glass to the light to enjoy the burnished GOLD glow, then tilt and rotate it to see the beads of whisky appear on the inside of the glass. The smaller they are, the higher the alcohol strength, and the slower they fall, the better the spirit quality.Next, add a drop of water and take three long sniffs. The first just gets your nose used to the alcohol, but in the second, you'll discover our characteristic toffee sweetness, and in the THIRD, an almond nuttiness reminiscent of marzipan.Now, taste the whisky by CHEWING it in your mouth for 4 or 5 seconds, then swallow. The sides of your tongue will tingle, and after a few seconds your mouth will go dry, then water again - a unique characteristics of this great spirit.Adding more water to this whisky prolongs it's FULL SMOKEY FINISH.