Tropicana golden grapefruit 1litre


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Product Summary

100% pure squeezed fruit. Not from concentrate. 100% pure pressed grapefruit juice with juicy bits. 5 a Day. 150ml of Tropicana Pure Premium provides one of your daily portions of fruit and vegetables. Our Golden Grapefruit. A breakfast classic, golden grapefruit awakens the senses with a pleasantly tangy, invigorating taste. Gently squeezed from the finest hand-picked grapefruit, this juice is the perfect accompaniment to any morning meal. 60 Years of Passion and Dedication... Since the day we squeezed our first orange over 60 years ago we have strived to make the best tasting juice possible. We nurture our orange trees from seedlings, pick all the fruit by hand and select only the finest to be squeezed, before tasting each pressing to make sure it is just right. Each fruit is special and the juice inside it precious. We believe that the juice you drink should taste delicious; like you're biting into the fruit itself, with nothing added and nothing taken away. A Choice of Tropicana Juices... Orange: Hand-picked and gently squeezed... Enjoy smooth, original and extra juicy bits. Classics: Single fruit varieties... familiar juice in its finest forms. Orange Creations: Our classic pure premium orange with an exciting twist. Exotic Creations: Fruit from around the world, bringing you a taste of the tropics. Why Not Try... Extra Juicy Bits. 100% pure squeezed orange juice bursting with extra juicy bits. Orange&Lemon. Our sweet, smooth orange juice with an extra lively bite of lemon. Respecting Our Environment. At Tropicana we rely on the environment and have a respect for nature. We work hard to ensure we are looking after our world and we believe that by doing so we will continue to get top quality fruit for our juice. We strive to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment so everyone can benefit from it. To find out more visit


100% Grapefruit Juice, Not from Concentrate

Preparation & Storage


  • Shake well before serving and use within 5 days of opening.


Keep refrigerated.Tropicana Golden Grapefruit must always be stored in your refrigerator.


Component Material Recyclable
Pack Blank Yes