East End Bay Leaves 40g


This item is not available from Waitrose Cambridge.

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Product Summary

Suitable for vegetarians. Bay leaves. Bay leaves have a strong, spicy flavour and a striking aroma which becomes even more apparent when the leaves are shredded or crushed. They are dried in the dark and retain their natural colour. They are used as a spicing agent and should be used sparsely. Bay leaves may be added to the stock for boiled fish and in soups. They can be used in flavouring curries, preserving and marinating. Bay leaves are widely used in Indian cooking, particularly in rice&curry dishes. The bay leaf provides a distinctive flavour in various food items.

Preparation & Storage


  • Bay leaves are a must in herbs marinades for fish, meat&poultry. It is recommended that half or whole leaf is added to game, liver casseroles, mutton hot pot, goulash. However, the bay leaves must be removed from the dish before serving. They stimulate the appetite.


Once opened, store contents in a airtight under cool dry conditions.