Homecare bar keepers friend 200g

Usage Instructions

  • YOU CAN USE BAR KEEPERS FRIEND ON:Work surfaces to clean and remove stains caused by tea, coffee, fruit juice, felt-tip, etc.Ceramic&stainless steel sinks&basins to remove dirt, stains, soap scum and limescale.China&glassware to remove tea&coffee stains, etc.Cookers to clean ceramic hobs and glass oven doors.Cookware to remove baked-on food and rust.Chrome, plastic, formica, tiles, grout, copper and brass.DIRECTIONS: Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend onto a wet cloth, rub gently, and rinse. For more stubborn stains make a paste by adding a few drops of water, apply the paste, remove after 1 minute, and rinse well. For bushed metal finishes rub in the direction of the brush lines.WARNING:Do not use on mirror-polished stainless steel, gold, silver, or enamel surfaces.HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS:Citric Acid Monohydrate, Sodium Carbonate, Oxalic Acid.HEALTH AND SAFETY: Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with eyes. Wear eye/face protection. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

Keep away from food, drink and animal feedingstuffs. Keep locked up and out of reach of children.