Touch of Taste vegetable 180ml


Vegetable Stock (Water, Mushroom, Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Onion, Celeriac, Asparagus), Salt, Yeast Extract, Glucose Syrup, White Wine, Herb and Spice Extracts (Bay, Parsley, Dill, Chervil, Mint, Rosemary, Pepper), Modified Potato Starch, Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium 5'- Ribonucleotides), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Garlic Extract

Preparation & Storage


  • Use as a stock in risottos, soups and casseroles by adding 1 1/2 tablespoons to 1/2 litre boiling water. Add a few drops to stir-fries, marinades&sauces or drizzle 1/2 tsp over vegetables before roasting.Shake before use


Once opened, refrigerate and use by Best Before End date.