Hermesetas granulated sweetener 90g




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Product Summary

90% less cal's than sugar. Tastes like sugar. Suitable for cooking and baking. One teaspoon of Hermesetas Granulated (8.4 kJ) is equivalent in sweetness to one metric teaspoon of sugar (75 kJ) but contains 90% fewer calories. Join the Hermesetas Plus Club. Our New on-line e-PlusClub has plenty to offer - tasty recipes for different occasions, competitions with prizes, features, puzzles and lots more. And it's free to join. Register at:


Maltodextrin, Sweetener Aspartame* (3%), *Phenylketonurics: contains a source of Phenylalanine

Preparation & Storage


  • How to use. Hermesetas Granulated in cooking and baking. By Volume: Volume is equal for sugar and Hermesetas Granulated (i.e. 1 cup sugar = 1 cup Hermesetas Granulated). By Weight: Hermesetas Granulated (1.e. 50g sugar = 5 g Hermesetas Granulated) approx. 1/10th of the weight of sugar, or 10 times lighter. Use Hermesetas Granulated on fruit and cereals, in beverages and also in low calorie desserts, spoon-for-spoon like sugar but with 90% less calories.


Keep dry at all times.