East End Pure Sunflower Oil 4ltr


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Product Summary

High in polyunsaturates. Low in saturates and cholesterol. Pure sunflower oil. Sunflower Oil contains high levels of polyunsaturates and also has a high Vitamin E content which helps prevent rancidity. It is considered a superb salad oil and is a great addition to tossed fruit, vegetables or pasta salads.


Pure Sunflower Oil

Preparation & Storage


  • Shallow Frying - Put a few desert spoons of sunflower oil into the frying pan, heat it, then fry the food, turning regularly.Grilling - Apply oil to the food with a pastry brush and grill, turning regularly.General Use - Pure Sunflower Oil can be used in preparing salad dressings, mayonnaise and baking.For best results keep to recommended frying temperature, avoid adding excess moisture during cooking and filter after each useSafety InformationSmoke Point 450°F/232°CFlash Point 600°F/315°C


Store this tin in a cool, dry place.Always put the cap back on after use.After using the oil it can be stored in the tin as long as it is kept cool.