East End cumin powder 100g


This item is not available from Waitrose Cambridge.

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Product Summary

Full of aroma&flavour. Suitable for vegetarians. Ground cumin. East End source the finest spices from around the world, store them under climate controlled conditions and re-clean them using the very latest technology and methods available. East End's state of the art spice mill then creates a spice retaining a unique purity fresh aroma and flavours.

Preparation & Storage


  • To make a delicious Onion Paqoras...To make delicious Paqoras(Onion Bhaji) Mix 200g of East End gram flour into a smooth batter. Add two tsp of East End cumin powder, salt to taste, a tablespoon of lemon juice, one tsp of East End ginger powder, one tsp of East End Ajwain seeds, one tsp of East End chilli powder and allow the batter to stand for ten minutes. Add large sized chopped onion, small florets of cauliflower and thinly sliced potatoes, and Mix vegetables into batter thoroughly. Heat deep fryer to 190°C./375°F. Shake off excess batter and ease portions of vegetables into the fryer carefully using utensils, being cautious of the hot oil. Fry until the vegetables are cooked or until golden brown.Must be cooked prior to consumption


Store in a cool dry place with the seal closed.