Geo Watkins sauce anchovy 190ml


Water, Salted Anchovies (34%) (Anchovies, Salt), Acetic Acid, Salt, Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum, Spices

Preparation & Storage


  • With Poached or Grilled FishWatkins Anchovy Sauce can be added to enliven the taste of many fish sauces. Add to bechamel sauce or fish velout√©it makes a superb anchovy sauce, finish the sauce by whisking in a liberal amount of butter and a little lemon juice and cayenne pepper.With Fishcakes or Fish PieA tablespoon of Anchovy Sauce added to the mixture turns a fish pie or fishcakes for four people into a special meal.Anchovy ButterSoften 4oz(113g) of butter and mix well with two tablespoon of Anchovy Sauce. Form the butter in to a roll, wrap the roll in greaseproof paper and twist up the ends to make it firm. Cool the butter in the fridge, unwrap it, slice it into discs and serve it on top of grilled or fried fish or steaks.Straight from the BottleTry it straight with fried fish, with scrambled eggs on toast or on pizza, and don't forget to add a dash to the sauce when you next serve shrimp or prawn cocktails.


Store in a cool dark place.