Heritage Variety potatoes 1kg


Sorry, we no longer stock these items at the branch Cambridge.

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Product Summary

Less calories and fat than bread, rice or pasta. Contains vitamin C, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Highland Burgundy Red potatoes. Eating potatoes is good for you! They contain... Minerals, contributing to healthy blood and strong bones. Fibre, especially if you eat the skins. Thank you for choosing Russell Burgess Heritage potatoes. Since being formed in 1946 by three farmers, Russell Burgess has strived to ensure the continuation of specialist potato varieties, bred for their excellence in flavour. We work closely with our group of dedicated growers which is quality focused and practices environmentally sustainable methods of farming. Each of the varieties within the Heritage range has been chosen for its fantastic eating quality, unique taste and specific cooking qualities. We're sure you'll love these potatoes and will come back to try other varieties as they become available.

Preparation & Storage


  • Wash before use. If you choose to boil your potatoes please do so very gently to avoid disintegration.


Store in a cool dry dark place.