Isle of Jura 16 years old 70cl


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Rich&full-bodied with hints of citrus fruit and toffee. Single malt Scotch whisky. Taste. Enticing flavours of moist gingerbread and Demerara sugar finishing with dark chocolate, glazed oranges, nutmeg, sweet toffee, apple and honey. In a world of its own. The Isle of Jura can be found nestled off the west coast of Scotland. It's a place famed as much for its folklore as it is for its whisky. A magical haven where a sense of solitude pervades: one road, one pub, one community and one distillery. There is no whisky and no island quite like Jura. It truly is in a world of its own. The story. Nurtured for 16 long years, this is the whisky of choice for the people of Jura. It's a subtle malt, unassuming yet brimming with character, qualities often attributed to the Diurachs themselves. That's probably why the islanders are drawn to it above all others. To honour this special relationship, the symbol of the Diurachs adorns each and every bottle. Become a Diurach. Diurachs is the Gaelic name for the people of Jura. Proud of our land and our whisky, we are a small and close-knit community of fewer than 200, united by the island we love and the warmth of its people. With a dram of the good stuff in hand, we toast the health of our friends near and far. Become an honorary Diurach and join us. Life doesn't get any better. You'll even get a free dram for life every month at the Jura Pub. To find out just how good being a Diurach could be visit